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    Our Process

    How we turn your dreams into a reality.

    At Northwest Construction, we want to provide our clients with the very best. That is why we follow our proven, hands-on process for each of our custom-building projects. Whether you are looking to build your dream home or are looking to expand your commercial space, our process ensures that your project will be given the same level of respect and attention to detail.

    Our proven custom-building process. 

    1. Initial conversations.

    The first step in our process, following our initial contact, is to obtain a clear view of your project and to understand your goals. We believe that a strong communicative relationship lends to a smooth, timely, and efficient project. At this point, whether you have a complete set of plans or are just getting started, we are able to navigate you through the process.

    2. Schedule a meeting.

    Once you have a complete set of plans for your project, our team will meet with you in person to go over the drawings, concepts, budget requirements, and any other ideas you may want to have considered or included. Our goal is to obtain as much information and detail regarding your project to enable us to prepare the most accurate and comprehensive quotation for your review and approval.

    3. Quoting your project.

    At this time, we spend time reviewing the plans and information gathered at our meeting and begin obtaining quotations from our subtrades and suppliers in order to prepare our quotation for the project. The time frame to complete this process varies, depending on the scope of the project. Once our quotation is complete and we are prepared to present it to you, we will arrange an in-person meeting to review it in detail. If any adjustments need to be made, we will revise the quotation until it meets your approval.

    4. Construction preparation.

    Upon the approval of the quotation, we will begin preparing for construction. This preparation includes permit acquisitions and scheduling subtrades and suppliers in order to ensure a smooth construction process.

    5. Construction.

    Once construction begins, it is our priority to be onsite every day in order to take a proactive approach to your project. This allows us to oversee the subtrades progress and schedule, as well as to monitor the quality of work performed to make certain that it is completed to our high standards in an efficient manner. Strong communication with our customers is another key to our success; this allows us to stay in line with your vision, as well as to answer and address any questions or concerns along the way. Near completion, we hire a professional team to clean your new home so that it is move-in ready, and we, personally, conduct a final walk-through and quality inspection.

    6. Aftercare.

    Just because the project is completed does not mean that we stop caring. Our desire is to build strong, lasting relationships with our customers and to make ourselves as available as possible. Because of the pride that we take in providing high-quality craftsmanship, we are happy with the final product.