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    How Long Do Commercial Construction Projects Take?

    Commercial Construction | November 16, 2022

    If you are looking to hire a builder to construct a commercial facility for your business or to rent it to tenants, one of the first questions you may ask a potential builder is how long the project will take. While this may seem to be a simple question on the surface, the answer will vary based on several important factors. As a leading provider of commercial building construction solutions, the team at Northwest Construction knows that every project is unique. To understand how long commercial construction projects take, it is crucial to understand the factors that will impact the project timeline. That is why we have compiled some information on these factors to help you understand why your project may take more or less time than you expect.

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    4 Factors that Affect the Duration of Commercial Projects

    When it comes to commercial construction, no two properties or projects are alike. While every project will have a unique timeline, the following factors will influence the duration of the project:

    1. Weather and Environmental Conditions

    Most commercial construction project sites are directly exposed to harsh outdoor weather conditions and environmental factors. Some tasks cannot be completed during periods of heavy rain, prolonged snowfall, or extreme winds, meaning that the weather can cause unexpected delays until it clears up. While most experienced builders will account for these delays in their initial estimate, it is still worth remembering that weather delays are a common occurrence.

    2. The Permitting Process

    Permitting is a vital and required process for every type of commercial construction project. The duration of this process will vary greatly based on where your site is located, the type of property being built, regional codes, and the current backlog for permits. To ensure that your project starts as soon as possible, most contractors will apply for all required permits as soon as they are selected for the job and the details are finalized.

    3. The Complexity of the Project

    The size of your commercial facility and the complexity of the design directly affect how long the project will take. In most cases, smaller facilities will take less time to build due to the reduced labour and material requirements. It should be noted that some materials can take longer to obtain due to supply chain delays and costs, so your project may be delayed if these materials are required for your design.

    4. The Team Performing the Work

    The size and skill of the team you hire will directly impact the efficiency and quality of the finished product. A skilled team can provide an accurate project timeline and keep everything moving at the expected pace. An inexperienced team, on the other hand, may provide unrealistic quotes and have trouble staying on schedule. To ensure that your project moves in a smooth and efficient manner, it is best to hire a team that is experienced with similar projects as they will utilize the right number of employees and sub trades (if needed) to get the job done right.