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    5 Reasons to Build a Custom Home

    Custom Homes | November 26, 2020

    Many people dream of having their own custom home but think of it as an unattainable hope rather than a realistic expectation. If you are looking at the best path for your next home, it is worth considering building something custom with the help of a qualified home builder. With the right budget and expectations, custom houses are a great way for many people to find their forever home. As experienced home builders, the team at Northwest Construction is always happy to help answer any questions that you might have about custom homes and how to get the best home built to suit your lifestyle.

    Top 5 Reasons to Build a Custom Home

    Although it may be faster and often cheaper to move into a home that has already been built, there are many great reasons to go with a custom home instead. Some of the reasons to build a custom home include:

    1.     Ongoing Value

    In the short-term, custom homes can often be more expensive than older homes when property prices, material prices, and labour are all factored in; however, custom homes tend to retain their value, require fewer repairs, and be worth more in the long run, so they are an excellent choice if you are looking for something with lasting value.

    2.     Complete Customizability and Overall Quality

    Custom homes are designed and built with your specific needs and preferences in mind. This means that the floor plan and all of the features are made to make your life easier and to suit your expectations for daily use. Whether you need a customized space for work or have strong preferences for entertainment spaces and design elements, you have complete control over the end product. This also ensures that the overall quality of your new home will meet, if not exceed, your expectations.

    3.     Modern and Move-In Ready

    Many homes require major renovations and updates before they are ready to be moved into. A custom home will be move-in ready from the time that you take the keys from your home builder and should not require any updates for years to come. Custom homes can also feature any of the latest technology and home automation systems that you might want.

    4.     Environmentally Friendly Living

    New homes are being built using greener materials and practices and they are more eco-friendly to run year over year. When you build custom, you get the added bonus of being able to pick what kind of appliances and systems your home has to improve its carbon footprint. Better heating and cooling, power saving or power creating measures, and more efficient appliances can all be incorporated into your custom home.

    5.     Choice Locations

    Building a home fresh on a bare lot allows you to choose its location. Not only do you get to choose the location of the lot you purchase, but you also get to work with your builder to find the best place on the lot to start building your home. This ensures you get the maximum amount of sunlight in the right rooms, maximize views, and have space on the lot to plan your garden or activity areas.

    If you would like to find out more about our custom home building services or to learn more reasons to build a custom home, feel free to contact the team at Northwest Construction.